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About Data Analysis

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Data which is derived from digital sources, namely the internet, has often been called "The oil of the 21. Century". Digital giants like Google, Amazon and others have all been well-known for their heavy focus on data collection respectively data analysis of regarding web users.

While there has criticism evolved around this type of data processing with potential infringement of the private sphere, at the same time new regulations have been passed which increasingly aim to protect web users. Data is playing a pivotal role in the area of digitalization, is inevitable and related opportunities should be grasped vigorously! So the answer to the initial question is a clear, "yes, analyse data under all circumstances!"

How can institutions and SMEs (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) get into data analysis and benefit from its effects? Analysing visitor traffic on their own website is certainly the first step which comes into mind. How often has a visitor been on the site and how much time have they spent there? Especially the latter is of highest interest as any website should aim to increase constantly the number of new user. However, the sheer numbers are certainly must be scrutinized on quality, few mouse-clicks will be analysed as a bounce and measured in a website's bounce rate.

Last but not least, each website is about conversion which has to be monitored incessantly. In fact this is nothing else than the measurement of conversion rates or user-activity, the final goal of any institutional or commercial website. In order to do so, an initial goal setting before designing a landing page or website is indispensable. Talk with us about your ideas and targets and let us find a solution to transform it to a digital and especially well-scalable solution.

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