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Videos in Digital Marketing

According to the renowned German market and consumer data analyst company Statista, video advertisement spend is forecasted to reach up to 9.26 billion USD by 2024 and thus quickly replacing the era of radio & television advertising. Moreover 93% of consumers declared that videos are helpful when purchasing a product, making videos the clear number one favourite type of marketing content from brands on social media.

As it was furthermore elaborated, videos have the best return of investment (ROI) for marketers with a staggering 93% of businesses declaring of having landed a new customer after sharing a video on social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Videos which are placed on websites as well have proven to increase the time customers stay on it remarkably and hence increasing conversion rates. Videos are especially well applicable for products or services which to some extent need explanation. In short, no future digital marketing strategy can be made without any consideration of video marketing. In this post the different types of videos for digital marketing campaigns are examined accordingly.

Product update videos naturally stand at the top of the list and keep existing customers informed about the latest changes and upgrades of a product while at the same time engaging the customers with a video length from 2–5 minutes being the best for engagement results. Engagement rates are metrics that track how actively involved a marketing content is with the audience. Engaged consumers interact with brands through “likes”, comments and social sharing.

Secondly, explainer videos are of an educational type which explain to the audience in which way a product must be used, or another problem can be solved. Like a book, certain explainer videos have the potential to fulfil their function even for many years. Explainer videos should generally have a running time of 2–5 minutes and doing so, the content always needs to be dynamic and engaging.

Onboarding videos (also called orientation videos) have traditionally been used when by employers for the orientation of new employees to communicate their core values, provide a glimpse of what to expect, and introduce them to their fellow staff members. The same concept can be applied to converted customers by showing them all aspects that a product or service has to offer them. Contrary to other marketing videos, the length of onboarding videos shall be 5-10 minutes but again has to consider the engagement rate as the key metric at any stage.

Internal training videos are especially useful for audiences like new team members who need to be introduced to an overwhelming amount of new information. Not being an actual marketing tool, internal training videos can last 1.5–3 hours to complete.

Testimonial videos are another powerful tool in digital marketing, as people enjoy hearing other people’s voices and opinions and seeing a product or service in a related to a real-life situation. With such videos, customer trust & confidence be built up much easier than with plain text advertising. Testimonial videos can be created by interviewing person with influencer-qualities like CEOs and others and should have a length of about 5-10 minutes. The engagement rate of the video can be checked with CTAs like email collection.

Promotional videos are personal video invitations to a conference, webinar, or virtual event with a brief but clear overview about the content of the event with the target to generate leads or attendees by calling them to action (CTA).

Company culture videos have the final goal to let customers see behind the scenes of a company or institution, both in terms of individual employees and a as a whole organization. Company culture videos can be used for customers as well as for potential employees and have a much higher capacity to illustrate contents than text descriptions. Company culture videos can be designed in a quite informal and funny way, engaging the target audience with amusement. Therefore, also the play rate (number of times the play button was pressed) of this type of video is a reliable metric to measure its success.

Video voicemails are low-cost, easy to arrange and an efficient tool to connect with customers and leads. They are being sent with emails as a video thumbnail and have the capacity to tremendously increase visibility inside a recipient’s email inbox. Video voicemails do only serve as a brief personal introduction and should not exceed a time of one minute. Again, CTAs like a clickable annotation link on the video help to measure the engagement rate.

Pre-recorded sales presentations are another tool which finds application in digital marketing. The big advantage of such videos is the time flexibility as customers can watch them when it is convenient for them. Moreover, sales presentation videos are receiving much higher click rates and especially open rates than regular emails. The recommended video length is about 3 minutes.

As the name suggests, social videos are posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media in order to increase brand awareness or traffic on a website. Being frequently viewed on a mobile device, it is highly recommended to design social videos as short as possible in terms of time length with a time of less than one minute being most suitable. As with many other digital marketing tools, a constant metric check of the engagement results is necessary, and the video contents must be adjusted accordingly.

A teaser video is a short video intended to gain the interest of a viewer in build-up brand awareness. Several different teaser videos can be made to promote the same product or campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build up brand awareness. Any kind of content can be posted but must be adjusted to the channel and not exceed a time of 30 seconds.

Live stream videos are especially popular for hosting conferences, conducting seminars, or sharing big product announcements as these events can be easily turned into a stream with Facebook being a suitable platform to use. Naturally such live streams are especially interesting for businesses acting on a cross-border level where physical events cannot be attended easily.

As the name suggests, podcast videos are a podcast with a video element. The video element could be rather simple or complex, but it regularly consists of a single static image or a video recording of the podcast hosts and guests. Podcasts can be designed in interview-style. It is recommended to include a Turnstile to the video, which collects emails and names from the visitors who watch videos across a website. In that case viewers need to type in their email before being able to click the start button of a video.

Another interesting option in video marketing are video series which are typically used for the long-term strategies of a business or brand. Business video series as a collection of informative videos created with the same end goal in mind. Usually, three or more videos are designed to engage both, customers and non-customers. A video length can reach from 10 minutes up to on half an hour.

The last type of video as examined in this post are full-length features and documentaries which also can come in the form of a video series. Full-length feature and documentaries are relatively time-consuming in production and need to cover several indispensable features like storytelling, visual & audio effects, some outstanding characters in the story and a final incentive for the viewers to repeatedly come back.

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