• Frank Aol

Get a Landing Page!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

What makes a landing page so interesting for corporations and institutions which want to communicate with customers respectively a with a selected target clientele? Three main factors may give an answer to this question: landing pages can be created in a comparatively easily and within a short time frame, they are a great tool to increase SEO, traffic and conversion rates and last but not least their creation is inexpensive and therefore allows experimenting and frequent changes.

Your landing page may be connected to your existing website or - as we mostly recommend - be completely separated from it as a one-page version on the web. Unlike normal websites, landing pages have the capacity to focus the attention of the viewer to the one key message you want to spread. With the help of CTA (Call to Action) tools, your conversion and communication rates will soar to new dimensions which are measurable at any time.

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