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Updated: Jan 1

Have you heard of shoppertainment? In short, shoppertainment aka shopstreaming is the promotion of a business through digital instruments through video live streaming. While the use of digital instruments like video calls for business purposes has been known already previously, the trend has intensified itself through the times of the pandemic and is predicted to stay.

A key advantage of shoppertainment is the possibility of live chat functions next to video live streaming which makes it possible for customers to digitally interact with a supplier.

Some social networks and online marketplaces like Amazon already have implemented such systems with an own live platform and companies like Ikea bring the shoppertainment to a next level with virtual reality (VR) applications that allow users to interact with a product or which simulate the attendance at an event, being both informative and entertaining for users.

According to latest studies, unsurprisingly the user age group of 18-34 years old consumers is most prone to such type of shoppertainement and mostly interested in new products, discounts, and information about product quality. Consumer electronics, cosmetics, fashion, and small appliances are the most popular categories amongst purchasers.

As all consumers in various surveys responded, it is a key point to keep shoppertainment contents regularly up to date to build up consumer trust with purchasers which is the crucial factor of all marketing strategies. Businesses need to be aware that consumers make their decisions based on audio-visual factors and that the time of pandemic offers an excellent opportunity to deliver this customer experience (CX) directly to their home. Online platforms like Lazada have completed this concept by connecting shopping with gaming which offers additional stimulations to interactive shoppertainment.

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