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Hotel & Travel Chatbots

From a guest’s point of view, the key feature of any hotel booking is a pleasant stay with positive impressions. Obviously in our times such type of guest perception can hardly be achieved without considering digital arrangements. Or to say it with the words of IT terminology, hotel guests are expecting a good User Experience (UX).

Without doubt chatbots deliver various tools to enhance a guest’s positive experience in a hotel. Chatbots can act like a digital concierge round a clock and without interpersonal misunderstandings which often occur in human communication. Various surveys have shown that a majority of 55% of respondents even prefer a chatbot for answering standard questions rather than making a personal telephone call. Saying this, the present and more so the future in hospitality is certainly both, a combination of digital and human interaction.

Travellers are nowadays often consulting dozens of websites when planning a new trip. As this excessive often confuses travellers or at least is very time-consuming, chatbots can step in for a much better experience already in the stage of travel planning. As in other industries, chatbots can help to improve the marketing strategy by analysing customer feedback and improve customer engagement respectively customer retention. Chatbots are also the ideal instrument for up-selling, as many guests are more comfortable with a machine making the offer than a human being.

What are the areas where chatbots perform particularly well? One area is certainly the handling of customer complaints which a bot cannot only do without a human’s emotional entanglements, but also instantly and at any time of day. Gone are the days of guests being queued up in telephone loops or dealing with staff that is not responsible. Even when not resolving the complete problem, a chatbot is the perfect tool to sort out basic questions in advance and to designate the right human problem resolver at the right time of the day.

Chatbots can further act like human operators when it comes to bookings and reservations and additionally help travellers to faster find bargains and the proper booking times. Of course, a bot’s support does not stop here. All other aspects of travel-related questions like car rental, cultural events, dining out and even the weather forecast are thinkable topics for a bot.

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