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Google Ads Alternatives

Without doubt Google Ads is dominating the market when it comes to search engine advertisements which are targeted to match with keywords of internet users. The downsides are high competition and high advertising costs which make many marketers searching for alternatives. In the first place it is necessary to specify which type of marketing campaign is planned, such as retargeting, location campaigns or user intent campaigns as different platforms offer as well different targeting options.

Bing Ads allows paid search advertising Microsoft's search engine Bing. As for December 2021, Bing is the second largest search engine with a worldwide market share of 3,14% which is still far behind Google’s share of 91.4%. Bing has additionally incorporated the Yahoo search engine with a market share of 1.53%. While working similar as Google Ads, the advantages of Bing Ads are lower costs and fewer restrictions on advertisements. Bing Ads works best for affiliate marketing.

AdRoll works by tracking the behavior of every user on a website and is therefore an ideal instrument for retargeting campaigns. AdRoll uses networks like Instagram, Yahoo, Outbrain and Taboola to bring messages to the target audience. However, the tool can only unfold its efficiency if a website attracts enough visitors and is most suitable for ecommerce stores. AdRoll offers shopper profiles, AI predictions, advanced t

racking and promises advertisers self-reliantly to get a 500% return on ad spend.

Outbrain is another alternative which particularly suites content marketing and here particularly native marketing. Outbrain is a native advertising company. This is done by using targeted advertising to recommend articles, slideshows, blog posts, photos or videos to a reader. Some of the content recommended by Outbrain link to publisher's own content, while others link to other sites. Outbrain allows to analyze data which makes it possible to adjust campaigns at any stage.

Linkedin Ads are another tool of online advertising and due to the professional nature of the platform ideal for B2B and event advertising. With currently over 630 million professionals as members, Linkedin Ads is an ideal platform bring advertisements to businesses and decision-makers within a company. Furthermore, Linkedin Ads allows it to target users more efficiently based on job title, function, industry and more. LinkedIn Ads is great for getting your product or service noticed by the right people. Additionally, Linkedin Ads offers different pricing models like CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand/mile) at comparatively moderate prices. Contents can be brought to the target audience in different ways, such as text, sponsored content, and in-mail.

Instagram Ads is top choice when it comes to advertising lifestyle products as it allows viral and social advertising at the same time. Examples include not only pictures, but also stories, videos and more. Well known for influencer marketing, Instagram is part of the Facebook advertising network and particularly popular with millennials amongst the monthly 500 million active users.

Instagram allows marketers to target audiences by location, interests, and demographics similar as Facebook. However, Instagram’s ads are more interactive than Facebook Ads with built-in “swipe up” call to actions and interactive polls, buttons and sliders.

Latest since ex-president Trump’s campaigns, Twitter has become well-known for event and hashtag targeting. Being used by many businesses, Twitter Ads is a proper tool to be used in the B2B area and can ideally be combined with Linkedin Ads in order to broaden the accessibility of a target audience. With hashtag targeting, trending topics, events and niches can be found with high accuracy which avoids unwanted payments for irrelevant clicks. Besides hashtag targeting, additional targeting methods like location are user’s interests possible.

Finally, Facebook Ads is very efficient tool of online advertising as it comprises together with Google more than 50% of the global online marketing market share and is by far the largest social media network worldwide.

Facebook Ads allows social media marketing in the form of videos, images, collections, carousels, slideshows and more with at the same time various targeting options including “lookalike audiences” which finds similar audiences that are likely to convert.

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