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Email Integration on Bots

Updated: Jan 1

In digital marketing and campaign planning, interactivity, and interconnection. The same counts for the integration of email marketing into chatbots. Think of the "Click-Through-Rate" (CTR) of an email-campaign, for example. A link from an email to an interactive chatbot with features like GIFs, short videos and punctuated communication is more than likely to increase the CTR tremendously.

The first and most obvious example of email-integration in a chatbot is the case of asking bot users actively for their email-address. Users are much more willing to provide their email-addresses to chatbots as they can offer them options in return, such as informative contents, discounts, coupons, and others. Users are also willing to offer email-addresses in exchange for being linked to responsible directly, a process which is often more complicated in the offline world. Customer feedback functions or educational contents in interactive form as through videos are further increasing the willingness of users to leave their email with a chatbot.

Chatbots are furthermore an excellent tool to increase the traffic on a website or landing page where other CTA (Call To Action) tools can encourage visitors to become email subscribers for newsletters, whitepapers, free trials and so on.

Another very important tool of chatbots is customer segmentation, which is of distinctive advantage for email-campaigns. During a customer journey chatbots can collect and analyse data which makes it possible to differentiate customers by interests. In the case of product sales, a customer’s preference on specific items would be the first obvious factor of segmentation and accordingly used when planning email-campaigns. In that sense chatbots make it possible to personalize emails, which is by far the most important factor for their success. Customers can furthermore be segmented by their location, their behaviour on the website and their stage in the sales funnel.

Email integration in chatbot campaigns as well works in a vice-versa direction. While the older generation may prefer a communication from a chatbot towards email, for millennials it may just be the opposite way. Many of them can be engaged by offering a link which leads them from an email to a chatbot conversation.

Finally, chatbots make it possible to approach different target groups by different communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and even SMS which makes it possible to reach out for email data in different segments. While virtually everybody has an email, not everybody uses messenger services, for example. By targeting specific groups through other channels, additional email data can be explored.

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