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Chatbots VS Mobile APPs

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Have you heard about the word "App Fatigue"? It describes the phenomena of people literally getting tired of the abundance of available APPs. According to various studies less than 30% of downloaded APPs are being used by their subscribers after a time of just three months. No wonder with an number of over 2 billion different APPs on Android and another billion on iOS.

When it comes to practical disadvantages of mobile APPs, most users will instantly think of the need to download them, the space of storage they take away on a mobile phone and the hassle of navigating through the APP itself. For businesses and institutions considering to create an own APP, the very high cost for development and maintenance comes into mind.

So how perform chatbots in comparison to APPs and why are they considered to be the future in digital marketing and campaign management? To start with the basics, neither any download nor navigation is needed to use Chatbots. Based on AI, Chatbots can understand human language and language semantics and therefore have a far more personal appearance than APPs. According to various surveys, customers rather prefer talking to Chatbots than to a human as they feel it is faster and more efficient. Finally the development cost related to Chatbots much lower and allows instant realization for virtually everyone.

With around 1.3 billion active users Facebook Messenger is an extremely powerful platform for the utilization of Chatbots. With Chatbots it is easier than ever to reach a multitude of target clientele around the clock and during the whole year.

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