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Chatbots as Communicators?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Many campaign mangers and marketers wonder, if a chatbots are really suitable for the communication with human beings. According to various surveys, a majority of up to 68% of users appreciate the use of chatbots. Many users even prefer a well-managed chatbot over a personal contact through telephone call or email.

The reasons are evident. Chatbots are available 24/7 around the year outside of opening times and on weekends. Contrary to traditional communication tools, users do not get stuck in waiting loops and get instant replies. Additionally a chatbot can deliver more instant information e.g. through internet links. In no way any initial personal contact could provide information more efficiently as it can be received here with a single mouse click! If necessary, a chatbot can also connect a user to a more direct digital form of contact up to the point of connecting to a real person.

Contrary to common belief chatbots can even deliver a much more personalized experience to users as they are able to of tracking a users history with the relevant business or institution and can therefore offer more tailored answers. Compare this to a call centre agent with high working pressure and limited patience. Even the most motivated agent will hardly have the capability or time to look up your records in detail.

Chatbots furthermore reducing costs, speeding up processes, increase interaction with users, offer programmability and can reach out for new target clientele in a much more constant manner than emails or phone calls. However, know exactly what you want and can communicate through a chatbot. Some contents are the perfect and most efficient match for chatbots, whilst others should be communicated on other levels. Talk to us for finding out more.

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