• Frank Aol

Chatbot Analytics

Data analytics allows chatbot operators not only to scale their business, but also to improve it by analysing all relevant data. In this context, all information about customer behaviour is essential to adjust a marketing campaign to the chatbot users’ needs at all stages.

In the end of the day what matters most is the rate of conversion which a chatbot can achieve. Consequently, all data related to the conversion rate has to be scrutinized.

The Buy Button Conversion comes into mind first, as it simply shows which chatbot flows are generating the most income in terms of total value.

Next to this, the Contact Collection Conversion counts all the email addresses or phone numbers which have been collected within a particular flow. Once again it is crucial to analyse which type of flow content performs best. To expand the outreach, it is necessary to confirm the users’ consent to being contacted through another channel like the telephone.

The Action Step Conversion stands for the achievement of flows and allows to compare their performance. The more complex a flow chart is designed, the more valuable this tool becomes for keeping a clear track record.

The Pixel Conversion allows to connect to users which have clicked onto the website from a messenger button by recording these subscribers after their conversion on the website. The bottom line is, that a campaign mainly led through a website is still not cut off from the relevant chatbot data, namely the data of subscribers who came to the website through that chatbot. The Pixel Conversion tool proves clearly from which flow the users came from.

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