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Chatbot Advertising (1)

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

As discussed in the previous article about growth tools, the boosting of traffic is the key point for any kind of chatbot success. Due to its importance in this article, we will discuss some further details regarding potential ways of chatbot advertising.

Consider integrating chatbot growth tools on a landing page instead of a regular website. Landing pages have the capability to focus the attention of a visitor much more than websites. They can easily be built at low cost and with extraordinary, changing designs that strike the attention of users. A chatbot integrated on such a landing page delivers much higher conversion rates than a Pop-In on conventional websites. In this context a landing page may be designed to deal with exactly one particular and important issue of users which they want to have answered instantly and without having to navigate through a website.

Navigation Chatbots are a typical application for such cases, hence the situation when some information must be retrieved in a streamlined and most efficient way without many clicks. Here a landing page serves as the perfect combination with a chatbot. Finally, a landing page can be promoted with proven specific SEO-tools and therefore many times is easier to discover than social media accounts or a general website.

When using a chatbot which is integrated with Facebook Messenger, the application of Facebook Messenger Links is very popular. Of course, such a link can also be placed on other social media accounts. For offline advertisement, and internal Facebook QR Codes helps to promote a chatbot.

Another tool are plugins, Facebook allows to install a “Message Us” or “Sent to Us” button. The Message Us plugin doesn’t allow user data to be transferred to the bot, while the Sent to Us bot can receive data upon the user’s approval (such as his email or telephone number) which can be used for further data analysis.

Naturally many advertisements URL are placed on social media accounts and sometimes this seems to happen in an excessive way. When advertising a chatbot through this channel, it is necessary to plan a consistent approach. This means a social media account’s whole design, may it be graphic design or the structure of its contents, shall always be in harmony and compliance with the link messages promoting a chatbot.

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