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Chatbot Advertising (2)

Updated: Jan 5

Following the first part of the topic “Chatbot Advertising”, this article deals with some further features.

An important aspect of Chatbot advertising is the CAO (Chat Application Optimization) which is kind of an equivalent to SEO and determines where a Chatbot appears in the Messenger rankings when users search for particular words and phrases.

To achieve a higher ranking in terms of CAO, it is very important to use relevant keywords in a chatbot’s titles, sub-titles, and text. Furthermore, the integration of a chatbot into social media naturally increases traffic and leads to higher CAO rankings.

Chatbots can be integrated into multiple social media at the same time which can increase this effect. By adding the location and other relevant details to social media, potential target customers in that area can be directed to a chatbot which is installed e.g., on Facebook.

Although chatbots can also be integrated with tools like WhatsApp or SMS, Facebook remains the best option of a bot installation to increase traffic and CAO rankings. Bots can communicate directly with users who leave comments on a Facebook page and these messages can even be customized.

Evidently, a chatbot’s contents need regularly to be updated and filled with meaningful content. This at the same time allows a new approach of the target clients. This approach can happen in different ways.

Chatbots can be promoted with a direct link either more formally through email or through SMS, depending on source of data that is available. Even an offline promotion by regular post is thinkable, ideally with a QR code linking the chatbot directly to the user or with Facebook Pixel.

Offering incentives through a bot is another efficient tool to increase traffic, may it be through coupons of discounts. The ultimate advises on using a bot is certainly to make it an indispensable tool of help for the users which makes them return constantly.

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