• Frank Aol

Bots in Political Campaigns

Chatbots are currently revolutionizing politics with their an ability to massively influence campaigns. While in commercial areas the main use of chatbots is an engagement of customers, in politics bots serve to keep party members engaged and to attract potential members respectively voters.

Being used on popular communication channels such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, chatbots can reach out to a very vast audience. With upcoming voice assistant technology like Alexa, Hey Google and Siri, chatbots already today go beyond traditional text messaging tool with a communication through voice.

Naturally, it makes perfectly sense to apply chatbots as well in political campaigns. Bots can help

users to become party members, to register for events and rallies and to respond standard answers about political programmes or candidates. Contrary to a traditional website, a chatbot can do these things instantly and without the time-consuming need for navigating through complex websites or reading party platforms.

During election times, a chatbot can send reminder messages or information about the location of polling stations. A bot’s message can also be spread easily through link sharing on various social media accounts, text messaging and through email. This flexibility allows to target voter groups of different backgrounds through different channels in a precise way. User-friendliness through the instant messaging is the key advantage.

The trend to increased use of mobile devices is continuing and makes chatbot messaging through channels like Facebook extremely attractive for reaching especially a younger audience. Given the importance of this voter segment for the future of political parties, chatbot technology cannot be estimated highly enough.

No matter surveys, the proliferation of contents, instantly asking FAQs or any other campaign of parties or candidates, chatbots are the tool of the future. With the application of videos, banners, pop-ups, cartoons, and other graphic tools, they are the ideal instrument to approach voters.

Due to their ability of data analysis down the “voter journey”, an individualized approach is possible, which makes chatbots furthermore outstanding.

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