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Chatbot Growth Tools

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Without doubt it is the final goal of any chatbot to increase conversion with a specific target audience. Naturally this requires some action on the side of the chatbot administrator. Which tools are available to boost the visitor and conversion rates on a chatbot?

URLs, or simply a link to the chatbot come into mind firstly. When writing an email, sending a message on social media, making a presentation or when engaging on any other online platform, a link to the chatbot can be easily dropped and traffic on the chatbot increased. Such a link functions at the same time as a Call-To-Action (CTA) tool with the final target of making the user subscribe on the chatbot.

Facebook Profiles and especially Facebook Groups are another area where a subscription URL can be placed. You Tube functions as another indispensable platform for URL-spreading due to ever increasing use of videos in all areas of marketing.

Another highly efficient tool is the application of QR Codes with an URL which can virtually be done from everywhere, e.g., with offline tools like flyers and advertisement. Furthermore, they can be applied on product packages, menus, as an overlay on videos and so on.

Facebook Ads are another strong tool as they allow to target specific persons by age, interest, education level and other factors as specified in Facebook profiles.

Website Pop-Ups are another tool for increasing chatbot traffic whilst here it is important to catch a user’s attention with a proper message suggesting discounts or any other meaningful user advantage.

Very similar to Pop-Ups, the use of Overlay Widgets serves as a traffic-boosting content upgrade. Examples include offers like “buy one, get one for free”, whitepapers and other free information and freebies. Overlay Widgets come in different forms such as a bar, slide-in, Facebook modal or page takeover.

For some campaigns, Overlay Widgets may be a bit too obtrusive and a more indirect, decent way display is preferred. For such cases Embeddable Widgets like buttons and or the boxes are the right choice, of which boxes are a somewhat enlarged version of buttons.

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