3D Garden Modelling & Rendering

Garden modelling is done through 3D images. All kind of structures can be displayed like plants, furniture or architectural details.

Viewing perspectives include different angles of view like walkthroughs and flyovers as well as various scenes from sunrise to night. Colours are displayed authentically according to real-life light conditions.


Collection of project data. Defining the project targets. Confirmation of the requested level of detail. Budget and timeframe estimation.


First draft development with 3D images from different perspectives. Client’s feedback and first revision. Refining of details.

Final Delivery

Second revision. If necessary small changes and final check. Final visual development. Possibly upgrading to rendering.


​Garden designs can be depicted from

Different perspectives and angles such as flyovers or walkthroughs. Close-by houses and architecture can be integrated for a more comprehensive visualization of an area’s appearance..... 


From sunrise to sunset and until late night: light conditions can be visualized coherent with any time of the day under observation of the cardinal points on-site. This includes the depiction of natural and artificial light effects as well as shadowing.


All possible structures and commodities of a garden can be displayed in detail with virtually photographic authenticity. This includes plants, pavements, pergolas, furniture, decorative items and architectural elements like houses, loggias, walls and more.

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