Agency for digital strategies

ADS is a digital agency with a comprehensive range of services for public, commercial and private customers. The focus of our activity lies in the development of digital concepts and their communication to selected target groups.


We don't just limit ourselves to technical solutions, but accompany our customers from the first step of project planning and data acquisition to the conclusion of digital campaigns in the sense of the "sales funnel."


Would you also like to use the possibilities of digitization? Discover with us three core areas of digital applications, which are often interlinked.


• Digital design

• Marketing & Communication

• Programming & Technology


On the basis of feasibility analyzes and the production of digital prototypes, we enable you to experiment with various concepts and constantly check their usefulness.





Digital applications generate a large part of their fascination from visually appealing designed content.

3D simulations, video editing or classic Photoshop designs are used in a wide variety of areas


Digitization also stands for the existence of an extensive number of communication channels of an electronic nature.

Their use on the basis of data analyzes allows communication that is specifically tailored to the interests of the target groups.


Visual and communicative solutions often find their symbiosis in the form of mobile APPs or the development of classic websites.

CMS applications offer flexible, timely and cost-efficient solutions for every budget.


Digital Design

The implementation of digital concepts is almost automatically linked to the drafting of various designs. Starting with a simple email campaign through to the creation of complex APPs, there are a number of options through the use of graphic and digital design.

Graphic designs include the creation of e.g. presentations, infographics, logos, brochures and posters. Moreover we support you in the field of digital design with the improvement of your websites and APPs in terms of UX/UI.

The provision of all digital or graphically conceivable design drafts takes place from a single source and ties in with the next core area of ​​project planning, the division of communication.


Digital Communication

While an attractive design of digital content is the foundation for the realization of your project, digital communication serves to convey this content to the outside world. At this point, SEO, social media, video and email marketing as well as SMS messaging and push notifications are used.


The primary aim here is to develop maximum effects with content that is precisely tailored to the target group. We support you in the management of these electronic media as well as the development of meaningful content.

Of course, it is also extremely important to provide data on your target group and to analyze campaigns that have been carried out. Also in this field we are the right partner for you!



In addition to improving your existing website or mobile app, we also offer completely new developments. Solutions using classic coding are just as possible as cost-effective developments with the help of content management systems (CMS).

Your personal focus is decisive when choosing the right platform, but of course the pricing is also important. In this context, we have set ourselves the goal of offering cost-efficient solutions at different levels.


In a personal conversation, we would be happy to explain to you how you can achieve a perfect price-performance ratio in relation to your requirements and needs.